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"A Casting Director is impressed with the way IE allows us to send confirmations. Thanks for building a software system that really makes us look good!"

---Rick Estimond, People Store

"inEntertainment was the most important financial investment we made in our company."

---Gabrielle Krengel, Domain Talent Agency

"Doing checks now with inEntertainment is just fantastic. I cannot express enough the difference it has made."

---Ilene Feldman, IFA

"..truly cutting edge software that has adapted to my business needs as they have grown in various directions."

---Scott Harris, Innovative Artists

"Thank you again for all your help and quick response whenever I ask for anything. I am really happy with the program. I truly appreciate the fact that everyone at inEntertainment is ready to help and things happen so quickly. I never have to wait."

---Ambrosia Harwood, Management 360

"Whenever we give a suggestion you handle it so quickly and we appreciate that. Some of the sites we work with, we get zero response or it goes into a suggestion box to be discussed next year. Thanks again."

---Robin Harrington, LemonLime Agency

"I just wanted to thank you for developing this fantastic software that I had no idea existed until last year. When I think of all the time I wasted with other products."

---Debby Kotzen, Naked Voices

"InEntertainment has been hugely beneficial for us, particularly in its capacity to integrate information across client schedules, work records and new project tracking information, and generating reports which are an invaluable resource for our company meetings and individual staff work flows. The InEntertainment team are also great to deal with - quick to respond and open to suggestions."

---Julian Belfrage Associates

WHAT IS INENTERTAINMENT? What is inEntertainment
If you’ve been searching for a call log or phone sheet, project grid or script log combined with integrated contacts and calendars then look no further.

inEntertainment is the business tool designed to help you streamline the running of your business and increase productivity.

Superior over other programs designed for the Entertainment Industry, inEntertainment can manage your company’s projects, scripts, client information, contacts, tasks, appointments, meetings, notes, and email better than you ever dreamed.

  • Agents
  • Managers
  • Casting Directors
  • Producers
  • Studio Executives
  • Business Managers
  • Attorneys
  • Production Companies
  • Commercial Sales Reps
  • Literary Agents and Managers
  • Below the Line Agencies
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Who Uses inEntertainment?
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Searchign For Something?

With inEntertainment it's easy to create complex searches that are also extremely powerful.


Outputting your data to a report, sorted the way you want and containing only the fields you require is simple and flexible.

Screenshot: Report
Screenshot: Ouput


You'll find the results look polished, professional and readable. Since the reports are first output into Microsoft Word, you are always able to customize the layout before printing or emailing them to your buyers, colleagues or clients.


Making labels, mail merge letters, writing checks, creating a resume, appointment slip, booking sheet, invoice or a contract is so easy you’ll wonder how you got things done before inEntertainment came into your life.

  • Labels and Envelopes
  • Contracts
  • Resumes
  • Checks and Financial Reports
  • Mailing Labels and Envelopes
  • Email: Submissions, Resumes, Appointments and Invoices
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inEntertainment is first and foremost a multi-user shared data management environment.

inEntertainment lets you share contact and client information, schedules, bookings, projects and script information over the internet and across the globe.

One user or 500; it makes no difference. Decide which users have permission to archive and delete records and which don’t. Make certain Contact and Calendar items private to a member of your staff or a group/team.


Want to Share Information?


How do I Switch to inEntertainment?

We’ll assist you when importing your Outlook, Apple & Gmail or Address Book contacts into inEntertainment.

We’ve also developed custom import routines to handle FileMaker, Access or StarTracker databases.

Migrating from other applications? Contact us to so we can discuss how to get your data into inEntertainment.

Import breakdowns from popular sites such as Breakdown Services, BTL Production Listings, Casting Frontier, Cast It, Casting Networks, LA Casting, Casting Workbook, IMDb Pro, Now Casting, ShowCast, Spotlight, and Variety Insight.

Sync your contacts, calendar and call list data wirelessly with your Blackberry, iPhone or iPad, or Android.

Give clients remote access to their appointments, bookings and holds.


What else can I do with inEntertainment?
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