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inEntertainment mobile app is available on-the-go for your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android!

Regardless of which mobile phone you prefer, inEntertainment has an app to help bring your business out of the office and into the palm of your hand. With inEntertainment mobile apps, you can sync your Address Book straight to your cell phone. Your contacts will update whenever someone makes a change, so you have the most current information at all times. You can also sync your Call List through the app. Syncing the Call List means you no longer have to rely on phoning your assistant every hour to see what's going on. When you're out of the office, all you have to do is open the app and you can see everyone who's called for you in real time. Finally, we know all of our clients are busy so the inEntertainment app also syncs your calendar so you know exactly when and where you have to be. No more missed appointments or late meetings.

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iPad Projects

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inEntertainment Projects app is now available for the iPad!

  • The inEntertainment Projects app for iPad allows users to wirelessly access their Projects or Properties modules.
  • Search by Project/Property name or a Principal member of the production.
  • Download scripts and open web links.
  • View All information pertaining to a Project or Property, including: Principals, Notes, Dates, Roles, Documents and a summary of all Submissions, Appointments, Avail Checks, Tracking and Bookings.

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