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The ability to easily and quickly retrieve the information you need at a moments notice can make the difference between a frustrating day at work or a smooth one.

Imagine looking up vitals for a client, such as height and weight, and then needing the managers email address, or the name of their pet, or doing a search for all the female actors between 20-25 with blond hair...all within just a couple of minutes or less. Then you will immediately realize the benefit of having inEntertainment as your main contact management system.

With the Addresses module you can take contact management to a whole new level.

Here are few of the many features:

  • Unlimited ways to categorize contacts
  • Unlimited number of mailing addresses, phones, email addresses and notes for each contact
  • Relate employees to their company
  • Relate clients to their representatives and significant others
  • View a complete history of activity for any contact including appointments, bookings, calls, events, projects, submissions and tracking
  • Create mail merge letters, faxes and emails
  • Dial directly through your phone system
  • Synchronize your contact information with your Blackberry or iPhone
  • Unlimited amount of notes
  • Vitals ranging from sizes to skills to identification information


Macintosh Screenshot
Screenshot: Mac Addresses
Windows Screenshot Screenshot: Windows Addresses