inEntertainment for the Blackberry

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  • The inEntertainment Call List application for Blackberry SmartPhone™ allows users to wirelessly synchronize their calendar, call list and contacts with the inEntertainmentdesktop calendar, call List and addresses modules.
  • Dial the call back number directly through the phone from the call list app.
  • Edit or add items to your calendar, call list or contacts on your Blackberry SmartPhone™ and they sync back to the desktop version of inEntertainment wirelessly.
  • Events, calls or contacts entered by your office are updated on your Blackberry wirelessly.
  • View the call notes and additional call back numbers.
  • Uses the built in calendar and address book.

Sample Screens

Screenshot: Blackberry 1 Screenshot: Blackberry 2 Screenshot: Blackberry 3 Screenshot: Blackberry 4