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Just a few of our satisfied clients

3 Arts Entertainment 3 Arts Entertainment
3311 Productions 3311 Productions
34th Street Films 34th Street Films
44 West Entertainment 44 West Entertainment
Abrams Entertainment Abrams Entertainment
Affirmative Entertainment Affirmative Entertainment
Alan David Group Management Productions Alan David Group Management Productions
Alan Siegel Entertainment Alan Siegel Entertainment
Alexander White Agency Alexander White Agency
All Crew Agency All Crew Agency
Anonymous Content Anonymous Content
APA: Talent & Literary Agency APA: Talent & Literary Agency
Aran Michael Management Aran Michael Management
Arcieri & Associates Talent Agency Arcieri & Associates Talent Agency
Armada Partners Armada Partners
Artistic Talent Artistic Talent
Artistry Artistry
Artists International Management Artists International Management
Artwork Entertainment Artwork Entertainment
Aspire Talent Aspire Talent
Authentic Talent and Literary Agency Authentic Talent and Literary Agency
Automatic Sweat Automatic Sweat
Avalon Management Avalon Management
Beaz Talent Beaz Talent
Beddingfield Company Beddingfield Company
Beth Stein & Associates Beth Stein & Associates
BH Talent BH Talent
Blake Wire & Cable Blake Wire & Cable
Blue Stone Entertainment Productions Blue Stone Entertainment Productions
Boardalicious Boardalicious
Bobby Ball Agency Bobby Ball Agency
Booh Schut Company Booh Schut Company
Brad Gilmore Casting Brad Gilmore Casting
Brillstein Entertainment Partners/Plan B Brillstein Entertainment Partners/Plan B
British Film Commission British Film Commission
Brookside Artist Management Brookside Artist Management
Capital Talent Agency Capital Talent Agency
Capstone Talent Management Capstone Talent Management
Carousel Productions Carousel Productions
CASM Films CASM Films
Centrestage Group Centrestage Group
CGF Talent CGF Talent
Claire Best & Associates Claire Best & Associates
Class Represents Class Represents
Commercial Talent Agency Commercial Talent Agency
Concept Talent Group (CTG) Concept Talent Group (CTG)
Connie Mellors & Co. Connie Mellors & Co.
Conway van Gelder Grant - UK Conway van Gelder Grant - UK
Corner Booth Entertainment Corner Booth Entertainment
Creative Partners Group Creative Partners Group
Credence Talent Credence Talent
Cyd LeVin & Associates Cyd LeVin & Associates
D2 Management D2 Management
DDA Talent Agency DDA Talent Agency
DDO Artists Agency DDO Artists Agency
Deline Pictures Deline Pictures
Di Bonaventura Pictures Di Bonaventura Pictures
Domain Talent Domain Talent
Don Buchwald & Associates Don Buchwald & Associates
Don Carroll Don Carroll
Donaldson + Callif Donaldson + Callif
Door 24 Entertainment Door 24 Entertainment
DPN Talent DPN Talent
DreamScope Entertainment DreamScope Entertainment
Echo Artists Ltd Echo Artists Ltd
Eclectic Pictures Eclectic Pictures
Ellis Talent Group Ellis Talent Group
Emjag Productions Emjag Productions
Endemol Endemol
Felker Toczek Suddleson Abramson LLC Felker Toczek Suddleson Abramson LLC
Fineman Entertainment Fineman Entertainment
First Class Talent Agency First Class Talent Agency
First Look Media First Look Media
Five Star Talent Management Five Star Talent Management
Flutie Entertainment Flutie Entertainment
Formosa Group Formosa Group
Foundry Foundry
Framework Entertainment Framework Entertainment
Frontline Management Frontline Management
Gekis/Ribera Management Gekis/Ribera Management
GEL Entertainment GEL Entertainment
Generate Generate
Genesis Artists Agency Genesis Artists Agency
Global Artists Agency Global Artists Agency
Global Creative Global Creative
Go 2 Talent Agency, Inc. Go 2 Talent Agency, Inc.
Grandview Automatik Grandview Automatik
Gray Talent Gray Talent
Greene & Associates Greene & Associates
Greenlight Management & Production Greenlight Management & Production
Gulfstream Pictures Gulfstream Pictures
Hanlon Talent Hanlon Talent
Hansen, Jacobsen, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren, Richman, Rush & Kaller LLC Hansen, Jacobsen, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren, Richman, Rush & Kaller LLC
Harden Curtis Associates Harden Curtis Associates
Haven Entertainment Haven Entertainment
Headline Talent Agency Headline Talent Agency
Henderson Hogan Agency Henderson Hogan Agency
Hertz Lichtenstein & Young, LLP Hertz Lichtenstein & Young, LLP
Hey Eddie Productions Hey Eddie Productions
Hitlist Music Hitlist Music
Hollander Talent Group Hollander Talent Group
Holly Shelton Management Holly Shelton Management
Howard Schatz ~ Beverly Ornstein Photography Howard Schatz ~ Beverly Ornstein Photography
IAG: Identity Agency Group UK IAG: Identity Agency Group UK
ICM Partners ICM Partners
Identity Films Identity Films
Impact Artists Group Impact Artists Group
Impression Entertainment Impression Entertainment
In-Art In-Art
Incite Management Incite Management
Industry Entertainment Partners Industry Entertainment Partners
infinitum nihil infinitum nihil
Innovative Artists Talent & Literary Agency Innovative Artists Talent & Literary Agency
Inphenate Inphenate
Insight Management/Matthew Lesher Entertainment Insight Management/Matthew Lesher Entertainment
iTalent Company iTalent Company
ITV Entertainment ITV Entertainment
Janice and Jim Janice and Jim
JM Agency - Australia JM Agency - Australia
Joanne Horowitz Management Joanne Horowitz Management
John Wells Productions John Wells Productions
Jordan Lee Talent Jordan Lee Talent
Judy O Productions Judy O Productions
Julian Belfrage Associates Julian Belfrage Associates
Juliet Green Management Juliet Green Management
Justice & Ponder Justice & Ponder
Justin Wilde Justin Wilde
Kass & Stokes Management Company Kass & Stokes Management Company
Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates Talent Agency Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates Talent Agency
Kessler, Schneider & Co. Kessler, Schneider & Co.
KFM Management KFM Management
KK & Joanna KK & Joanna
Lakey Wolff & Co Lakey Wolff & Co
LBI Entertainment LBI Entertainment
Lefeaver Talent Lefeaver Talent
Legendary Pictures Legendary Pictures
Lemon Lime Agency Lemon Lime Agency
Levity Entertainment Group Levity Entertainment Group
Lewis and Beal Talent Agency Lewis and Beal Talent Agency
Lil Angels Unlimited Lil Angels Unlimited
LINK Entertainment LINK Entertainment
Lisa Callamaro Literary Agency Lisa Callamaro Literary Agency
Lovett Management Lovett Management
Luber Roklin Entertainment Luber Roklin Entertainment
LuckyChap Entertainment LuckyChap Entertainment
Lux Artists UK Lux Artists UK
M.O. Artists Agency, LLC M.O. Artists Agency, LLC
Macro Ventures Macro Ventures
Magical Elves Magical Elves
Magnolia Entertainment Magnolia Entertainment
Main Title Entertainment Main Title Entertainment
Mainstay Entertainment Mainstay Entertainment
Malpaso Productions Malpaso Productions
Management 360 Management 360
Manifest Manifest
Mary Erickson Management Mary Erickson Management
Material Pictures Material Pictures
Mavrick Artists Agency Mavrick Artists Agency
MDME Agency MDME Agency
MediaStars MediaStars
Meghan Schumacher Management Meghan Schumacher Management
Melissa Rivers Melissa Rivers
Meridian Artists Agency Meridian Artists Agency
Metropolis Artists Agency, Inc. Metropolis Artists Agency, Inc.
Meyer Management Group Meyer Management Group
Michael Lewis & Associates Michael Lewis & Associates
Michael Moore Literary & Talent Agency Michael Moore Literary & Talent Agency
Middleton Media Group Middleton Media Group
Mission Pictures Mission Pictures
Momentum Talent & Literary Agency Momentum Talent & Literary Agency
Monster Talent Monster Talent
More Medavoy Management More Medavoy Management
Murtha Skouras Agency Murtha Skouras Agency
Naked Voices: Chicago Naked Voices: Chicago
Nani - Saperstein Management Nani - Saperstein Management
Natalie Hall Management Natalie Hall Management
NBCUniversal NBCUniversal
Ne/w Line Cinema Ne/w Line Cinema
Next Management Next Management
Novy Talent Group Novy Talent Group
O’Neill Talent Group O’Neill Talent Group
Odd Lot Entertainment Odd Lot Entertainment
One Entertainment New York One Entertainment New York
Oops Doughnuts Productions Oops Doughnuts Productions
Optimism Entertainment Optimism Entertainment
Orlando Management Orlando Management
Osbrink Talent Agency Osbrink Talent Agency
Pacific Artists Pacific Artists
Pakula/King & Associates Pakula/King & Associates
Pantheon Talent Pantheon Talent
Participant Media Participant Media
Partos Company Partos Company
Patino Management Company Patino Management Company
Patty Woo Management Patty Woo Management
People Store People Store
Perennial Entertainment Perennial Entertainment
Plattform Management Plattform Management
Play Management Play Management
Prestige Entertainment Prestige Entertainment
Prestige Talent Agency: LA Prestige Talent Agency: LA
Primary Wave Entertainment Primary Wave Entertainment
Principal Entertainment Principal Entertainment
Principato Young Entertainment Principato Young Entertainment
PTD Business Management PTD Business Management
Radiant Artists Radiant Artists
Rafterman Media Rafterman Media
Reber/Covington Reber/Covington
Reign Agency Reign Agency
Renee & Melissa Renee & Melissa
Resource | Los Angeles Resource | Los Angeles
RLR Associates RLR Associates
Robin Stevens Reps Robin Stevens Reps
Rothman Andres Entertainment Rothman Andres Entertainment
Rugolo Entertainment Rugolo Entertainment
Sager Management Sager Management
Sanders, Armstrong, Caserta Management Sanders, Armstrong, Caserta Management
Savitsky, Satin & Bacon Savitsky, Satin & Bacon
Saxon + Partners Presents Saxon + Partners Presents
SBV Talent: Sutton, Barth & Vennari Talent Agency SBV Talent: Sutton, Barth & Vennari Talent Agency
Schneider Entertainment Agency Schneider Entertainment Agency
Scout Creative Reps Scout Creative Reps
Screen Talent Agency: UK Screen Talent Agency: UK
Seven Summits Pictures & Management Seven Summits Pictures & Management
Shelter Entertainment Shelter Entertainment
Shepherd Management UK Shepherd Management UK
Shifting Gears Shifting Gears
Showtime Showtime
Silent R Management Silent R Management
Silvera Management Silvera Management
Simply Acting, inc. Simply Acting, inc.
Siobhan McCafferty & Associates Siobhan McCafferty & Associates
Slate PR Slate PR
Smoke House Productions Smoke House Productions
Sovereign Talent Group Sovereign Talent Group
Stark Talent Stark Talent
Stereo D Stereo D
Stewart Talent: Chicago/Los Angeles/New York/Atlanta Stewart Talent: Chicago/Los Angeles/New York/Atlanta
Stone Manners Salners Stone Manners Salners
Strong Management Strong Management
Studio Canal Studio Canal
Susan Calogerakis Management Susan Calogerakis Management
Take 3 Talent Take 3 Talent
TalentWorks/TalentWorks NY TalentWorks/TalentWorks NY
Tandem Productions Tandem Productions
TCA | Jed Root TCA | Jed Root
Team Downey Team Downey
Teitlebaum Artists Group Teitlebaum Artists Group
The Burstein Company The Burstein Company
The Characters Vancouver/Toronto The Characters Vancouver/Toronto
The Coronel Group The Coronel Group
The Gersh Agency The Gersh Agency
The Green Agency The Green Agency
The Krasny Office The Krasny Office
The Milton Agency The Milton Agency
The Mission Entertainment The Mission Entertainment
The Republic Agency The Republic Agency
The Robertson Taylor Agency The Robertson Taylor Agency
The Standard Society The Standard Society
Thirdhill Entertainment Thirdhill Entertainment
Thrive Entertainment Thrive Entertainment
Thruline Thruline
Todd Shemarya Artists Todd Shemarya Artists
Token Group Token Group
Tracy Bernard and Associates Tracy Bernard and Associates
Trademark Talent Trademark Talent
Triniti Management Triniti Management
United Management United Management
United Talent Agency United Talent Agency
Untitled Entertainment Untitled Entertainment
Vanguard Management Group Vanguard Management Group
Vincent Cirrincione Associates, Ltd. Vincent Cirrincione Associates, Ltd.
Vox, inc. Vox, inc.
Wanna Buy A Watch Wanna Buy A Watch
Warner Bros. Warner Bros.
Water Street Anthem Water Street Anthem
Weed Road Pictures Weed Road Pictures
Welcome Enterprises Welcome Enterprises
Wendy O'Brien Casting Wendy O'Brien Casting
Wenzel Entertainment Wenzel Entertainment
Westside Artists Westside Artists
Whole Artist Management Whole Artist Management
Worldwide Artists Group Worldwide Artists Group
Worldwide Production Agency Worldwide Production Agency
Wright Entertainment, Inc. Wright Entertainment, Inc.
Writ-Large Management Writ-Large Management
Zero Gravity Management Zero Gravity Management